keep in with; kill off; kip down; kip down on; knock over

keep in with +
(尤指為得到幫助) 與 (某人) 友好相處,與 (某人) 保持良好關係
I like to keep in with my ex-employer, because you never know when you might need a reference. (我樂於跟前僱主保持良好關係,因為說不定什麼時候可能會需要他的推薦函)
I like to keep in with the school inspectors. (我樂於與督學保持良好關係)

kill * off +
There used to be a lot of wolves around here, but most of them have been killed off. (這一帶以前常有許多狼,但現在牠們大多已遭殺害)
Lack of funding is killing off small theaters. (資金短缺令小劇院紛紛倒閉)