well up; wheel around/round; wheel out

well up
(液體、眼淚) 流出,湧出
Mary felt tears welling up when she heard the news.
Tears welled up when I heard a good friend of mine had died.

well up
(強烈情緒或感受) 湧起
Anger welled up inside me when I saw what they had done.

wheel around/round
(站著時) 快速轉身
Tina wheeled around and smiled at me.
When Kent heard the whistle, he wheedled round to see what was happening.

wheel * out +
提出,推出 (以前使用過多次的解釋、理由或藉口等,因此已沒有公信力或影響力)
Tony wheeled out the same old excuse last time this happened.
They were always wheeling out their similar arguments. (他們老是舊調重彈)