nothing to sneeze at

(名詞) 不可小覷;非同小可;不可等閒視之。亦可用 not to be sneezed at 來表示。

  • Having an allergy is nothing to sneeze at. (罹患過敏症不可小覷)
  • Six goals is not to be sneezed at. (進六球可是非同小可)

no spring chicken

(名詞) 不再年輕的人;上了年紀的人。

  • Paul: did you know that Kevin’s mother turned 60 last week? (保羅:你知道凱文的母親上週滿 60 歲了嗎?)
    Harry: Well she’s no spring chicken! (哈利:她是個上了年紀的人了!)


(名詞) 非常痛苦的事件。

  • Senate confirmation hearings are a real nut-roll for the nominees. (參議院任命聽證會對被提名人來說真的是非常痛苦的事)
  • The biochemistry final exam was a nut-roll! (生物化學期末考是件非常痛苦的事)

no can do

(句子) 不行;沒辦法;幹不了。

  • Supervisor: Can you finish that report by 2 today? (主管:你能在今天兩點之前完成那份報告嗎?)
    Employee: No can do. (員工:沒辦法)


(動詞) 找碴式地嘮叨、碎碎唸、糾纏不休。

  • My wife naggled me to death after I didn’t come home last night. (我昨晚沒有回家之後,我太太就找碴式地碎碎唸,把我煩死了)


(動詞) (用言語) 刺激,激怒。

  • John is always needling his younger brother. (約翰老是用言語刺激他的弟弟)
  • The teacher got needled by Sophia. (老師被蘇菲雅激怒了)

nah mean

(問句) 你明白我的意思嗎? / 你懂嗎? (= Do you know what I mean?)。

  • This sucks, nah mean? (這遜斃了,你懂嗎?)
  • I don’t want to marry Mandy, nah mean? (我不想跟曼蒂結婚,你明白我的意思嗎?)