push through; put forward/forth; put together

push * through +
使 (計劃、建議或法規) 獲得通過
They are trying to push the regulations through as quickly as possible. (他們想儘快促使這些法規獲得通過)
Our CEO is trying to push through this deal. (我們執行長正努力促成這筆交易)

put * forward/forth +
(英/美) 提出 (想法或計劃);推薦 (某人)
The plans that John has put forward/forth deserve serious consideration. (約翰提出的計畫值得認真考慮)
Karen has decided to put her name/put herself forward/forth for promotion. (卡琳已決定自我推薦為晉升人選)

put * together +
I put together the computer desk I bought at IKEA. (我把我在 IKEA 購買的電腦桌組裝起來)