back into; bargain for/on; beat out

back * into +
I prefer to back my car into the garage. (我比較喜歡倒車入庫)

bargain for/on +
預期,預料 (某事會發生) (通常用於否定句)
I hadn’t bargained for such a long wait. (我沒料到會等這麼久)
Mary didn’t bargain for her husband returning so soon. (瑪麗沒有料到她先生會回來得這麼快)
The exam was more difficult than I had bargained for. (這次考試之難出乎我的意料之外)
We hadn’t bargained on so many people coming. (我們沒料到會有這麼多人來)

beat out +
險勝,打敗 (美)
The marathon runner barely beat out his rival at the tape. (那位馬拉松跑者到了終點線才險勝他的對手)
Our company beat out several other rivals for the contract. (我們公司打敗幾個競爭對手,取得合約)