Perspective vs. prospective


Perspective 幾乎都是用作名詞,意為「(思考問題或看待事情的) 角度,觀點,看法」、如 His attitude lends a fresh perspective to the issue. (他的態度為這個問題提供了新的視角);Her father always sees things from a religious perspective. (她父親總是從宗教角度看事情)。

由 perspective 所構成的片語 “get/keep sth in perspective” 時有所聞。這片語意為「正確地看待;恰當地估計;合理地評價」,如 We must keep things in perspective – the overall situation isn’t really that bad. (我們必須正確看待事情 — 整體情況並沒有那麼糟糕)。

Perspective 還有另一意思,那就是「透視 (畫) 法」,如 The castle in the foreground is out of perspective with the other buildings. (前景中的城堡與其他建築不成比例);My daughter often draws without perspective. (我女兒畫畫常常不管透視法)。

Prospective 是個形容詞,僅用於名詞前,意為「可能的,潛在的,有希望的;可能發生的,預期的」,如 prospective buyers (可能的買主);prospective clients (潛在的客戶);prospective parents (即將為人父母者);prospective sons-in-law (準女婿);Her father always wants to meet her prospective boyfriends. (她父親一直想見見她未來的男朋友)。