shake out; shake up; shoot away; shoot back; shoot for; shoot off; shoot out; shoot up

shake * out +
把 … 抖乾淨
He took the tablecloth outside and shook it out after dinner.
You should have shaken the dust out of the rug.

shake * up +
The news of her death really shook me up.

shake * up +
The management are shaking things up and getting rid of a lot of workers.

shoot away
快速離開 (某地);馬上離開 (某地)
He shot away as soon as the bell rang for the end of the lesson.

shoot back
I’m shooting back home to pick up some things I forgot to bring with me.

shoot for +
力求達到 (某個目標)
I’m shooting for nothing less than the presidency.

shoot off
快速離開 (某地);馬上離開 (某地)
I’ll have to shoot off as soon as the lesson finishes, otherwise I’ll miss my train.

shoot out
I’m shooting out to the shops for a bottle of wine.

shoot up
The share prices of internet companies have been shooting up lately.

shoot up
注射 (毒品)
A heroin user shot up in the park yesterday.

shoot up
There were pubs shooting up all over the city.

shoot * up +
The gangsters shot up the pub.