trade in; trade off; trade on/upon; trade up; trickle down; trip over; trip up; trot out; trump up; try back

trade * in +
將 (舊物) 折價換購 (同類新物)
She traded in her old car for the new model.

trade * in +
He traded in his wife when he became the chairman.

trade * off +
以 (某物) 換取 (某物);拿…換…
A longer working week was traded off for a pay rise.

trade on/upon +
They trade on/upon their reputation to scare rivals.

trade up
British wine drinkers have traded up over the last few years from cheap plonk (廉價劣質酒;便宜酒) to expensive wines.

trade up
She supported him for years while he was struggling, but when he hit the big time he left her and traded up.

trickle down
Despite the economic boom, few benefits have trickled down to the poor.

trip over
摔倒;在 (某物) 上摔一跤
I tripped over and hurt my knee.

trip over +
被 (某物) 絆倒
I tripped over the kerb and broke my nose.

trip up
I tripped up in the interview when they asked me about what I could offer the company.

trot * out +
老調重彈;重複 (過去的解釋、說明、藉口等)
The spokeswoman trotted out the same old unconvincing excuses.

trump up +
假造、捏造 (罪名誣陷他人)
The police trumped up the charges against him and he ended up in prison though he hadn’t done it.

try back
(電話打不通或找不到人後等一下) 再打
I called but they weren’t in, so I’ll try back later.