get over; get over with; get round/around; get round/around to; get through; get through to; get to

get over +
從 (疾病、失敗等) 中恢復過來
It took me ages to get over the bout of flu.

get over +
克服,解決 (問題)
It took us a long time to get over the problems with the computer system.

get * over +
He makes jokes to help get his message over.

(can’t/couldn’t) get over +
(簡直無法) 相信、置信 (表示非常驚訝)
Tell me again, I can’t get over it!

get over +
We couldn’t get over the river because of the floods.

get over
來或去 (某地)
He said he needed help and ask me to get over as soon as I could.

get * over with
做,做完 (某事)
I wanted to get the interview over with as quickly as possible.

get round/around +
說服 (某人) (做某事) — 美式英語用 around
She didn’t want to let me do it, but I succeeded in getting round her.

get round/around +
(找到) 解決或規避問題 (的辦法)
We’re nearly ready, but there are few little problems we have to get round before we finish.

get round/around
(消息等) 傳開,傳播;(大家都) 知道了
It didn’t take long for news of his resignation to get round.

get round/around to +
抽出時間做某事;(拖延或耽擱後) 開始做某事
I should be able to get round to that job next week.
We must get around to cleaning those windows.

get through
(電話、無線電等) 打通,接通
I tried calling her mobile phone, but I couldn’t get through.

get through +
He gets through two bottles of wine a day.

get through +
完成,結束,處理完 (工作等)
I’m going to take some work home because I haven’t managed to get through it all today.

get through
完成,結束,處理完 (工作等)
Call me when you get through.

get through +
通過 (考試、測驗、測試等)
My car didn’t get through its inspection.

get * through
幫 (某人或某物) 通過 (考試、測驗、測試等)
My teacher got me through the exam.

get through +
度過,熬過 (困境、困難的日子等)
We will have to be careful with our money to get through the month.

get * through
(使在議會等) 通過 (法律、法案、議案等)
Getting a bill through Congress is a long process.

get through
(法律、法案、議案等) (在議會等) 獲得通過
If the proposal gets through, it’ll make things much better for us.

get through +
(使) 通過 (某空間);穿過,貫穿,穿透
We need a stronger drill to get through this wall.
The water got through the roof and damaged the carpets.

get through
The door was jammed, so we couldn’t get through.

get through
(使) 到達;(使) 傳到
The message didn’t get through.

get through to +
使 (某人) 明白,理解
I explained it carefully, but I just couldn’t get through to him.

get through to +
打通或接通 (電話、無線電等) 給
I rang but couldn’t get through to her.

get through to +
進入 (下一階段)
If they win, they’ll get through to the quarterfinals.

get to +
使 (某人) 生氣,惱怒
Don’t let her get to you; she’s just in a bad mood.

get to +
(使) 到達 (某地)
When I get to it, I’ll look at the matter carefully.

get to +
We asked him to get to the point, but he just waffled away.