show around/round; show in; show off; show out; show over; show through; show up; shrug off; shut away; shut down

show * around/round
帶 (某人) 參觀 (某地);給 (某人) 做嚮導
The estate agent showed us around the house but we didn’t like it much.

show * in +
帶 (某人) 進來;帶 (某人) 進去
The secretary showed me in to speak to the manager.

show * off +
He always shows off his new things.

show off
Young boys show off in order to impress girls.

show * off +
The shirt really showed off his new tie.

show * out
送 (某人) 到門口;送 (某人) 出去
Her secretary showed me out after the interview.

show * over
帶 (某人) 參觀或遊覽 (某處)
He showed us over the scene of the accident.

show through
(感情、情緒或氣質等) 表現出來,表露出來
His anger showed through despite his smile.

show * up
使 (某人) 難堪;使 (某人) 蒙羞、丟臉
He showed us up when he arrived drunk and started arguing.

show up
I hadn’t seen my cousin for years, and all of a sudden, he showed up at my workplace yesterday!

show up
The downturn in sales showed up in the company’s accounts.

shrug * off +
He shrugged off the criticism and carried on the same way.

shut * away
把 (某人) 關起來;隔離
Many people have been shut away in psychiatric hospitals for disagreeing with the government.

shut * down +
(使) 關閉;(使) 停業
The shop shut down when the out-of-town supermarket opened.

shut * down +
(使) (電腦) 關機;(使) 停止運轉
You should close all programs before you shut a computer down.